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The right racquet can improve your performance by up to 10%. This can mean the difference between winning and losing. We leverage the data from our physical Tennis Lab to find your perfect racquet in minutes.

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Is your racquet right for you?

Just like a runner's shoes or a golfer's clubs, choosing the right racquet depends on your physique and your game. Yet more than 80% of tennis players use racquets that aren't suited to their needs. This affects performance and can cause or aggravate injury.

Let science Lead the way

It all starts with the physical court-side experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Tennis Lab has analysed hundreds of players and tested 80% of racquets on the market across the top five brands.

We've used this data to build a world-first algorithm that recommends the best three racquets for you, online.

Our racquet recommender is objective, accurate and validated.
In fact, you shouldn't trust your game to anything less.


We observe player and racquet performance

We sample a wide variety of players, from Grand Slam champions to 5-year-old novices, and test them with a range of racquet and string combinations.


Cutting edge technology collects ball data

HawkEye cameras track the trajectory and speed of balls and record the data against the player and racquet types.


The data is used to create an algorithm

Our elite sports scientists combine the HawkEye data with their knowledge of tennis and physics to build a predictive algorithm.


Get your science-based racquet recommendation

We analyse your details, like your age, height, and any injuries, plot them against the sample data in the system and recommend three racquets matched to you and your needs.

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The Tennis Lab has helped me validate my choices. I wanted to get more speed and spin off the ball and by using Hawk-Eye and applying the science, I know that I’m hitting up to 10% more spin, 5% more speed and more power. Tennis Lab has been hugely valuable and as a result, I know I’m going out on court with the best possible equipment.

– Sam Stosur

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