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Tenx Xcalibre (315g)

Tenx Xcalibre (315g)

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XCALIBRE delivers expert playability by utilising a perfect balance of power, feel, control and comfort.

This advanced uniform flex racquet provides a high degree of control thanks to TENX's exclusive Uniflex™ Technology.

As revealed during a player survey, an impressive 98% of players had already recommended, or intended to recommend, this high-quality racquet.

Enjoy a pro-stock feel, comfort and a rewarding tennis experience with the XCALIBRE.


  • Advanced Uniform flex racquet 
  • High Control 
  • Responsive stroke power 
  • Plush Custom Feel 
  • Enhanced frame stability 
  • High Arm Comfort 
  • Aerodynamic swing form 
  • Extended length 

Uniflex Technology Frame 

  • 17 layers of carbon fibre laminates compared to normal range 7 – 12. 
  • Multiple “angled cross piled carbon fibre laminates combinations” 
  • Optimal thermal compression 
  • Optimal 66 RA stiffness selected. 
  • Re-enforced
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