Am I Using The Right Grip Size?

How much thought have you put into the grip size you're using? 

Most people who play tennis will just grab a racquet and get use to the grip size they first pick up. However, a handle thats slightly too big or small may be hindering your performance. 

Most people don't realise there is a simple, at home, way to figure out what the right grip size for your specific hand. All you need is a ruler!

Use our image as a guide and place the ruler against your ring finger, starting at the base of the finger. 

Now the extra step which we recommend, is subtracting 3cm off your measurement to figure out what grip size you are with an overgrip. For example, if you measure 7.5cm, you could be a grip #2 or #3, but if you minus 3cm, you'll confidently be able to use a grip #2 with an overgrip without a performance detriment.   



Now if you want to upgrade your racquet handle even further, we can provide custom built 3D printed handles that can allow you to go up or down 1/2 a size. So if you feel like you're in the middle of a grip #2 and #3. We can custom build you a handle that is a grip #2.5. How unique! 


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