About Us

As many as 80% of players are using the wrong racquet – are you? Whether you are the world No.1 or just starting out, Tennis Lab can set you up for success and improve your performance by up to 25%. Leveraging world leading technologies, our algorithm recommends the perfect racquet and string for your physique and play style. 

Hawkeye Equipment Testing

Looking to elevate your game to the next level? Step into the shoes of a professional player, with a state-of-the-art physical assessment at Tennis Lab. Over the session, our scientists analyse thousands of tracked data points from your shot trajectories and provide a personally tailored equipment recommendation. You will leave with confidence knowing that you have the exact right racquet, string and tension for you and your game – giving you your best shot at victory.

Restring Services

Did you know there is over 1 billion combinations of string & tension available to you - no wonder finding the right string can seem impossible! We take the guess work out of selecting your optimal string – come visit us today for your FREE string assessment & recommendation!. Our elite stringers are trusted by both the Australian Davis Cup and Billie Jean Cup teams. Stringing with the same machines used at the Australian Open our experts guarantee the perfect re-string job every time.

Need advice? Our world-first string recommender is statistically proven to recommend your perfect string and tension.


Looking for an edge over your opponent? Customising your racquet can add 5–10% improvement to your game. We tailor racquet, mass, balance and swing weight to your needs. Once we’ve found your perfect set-up, we can replicate it exactly the same way – every time.