• Had a great session with the team at Tennis Lab, awesome to go from stick to stick. I was able to not only feel the dfferent sticks, but was amazed by the depth of data that confirmed the feel. I love data!

    James Tomkins

    Olympic Champion Rower & Avid Tennis Player

  • The team at Tennis Lab not only helped me with matching all my racquets to the same specs, but also made me part of the process. This helped me learn a lot more about my equipment. It made me appreciate the tedious process of getting my racquets matched to get the best out of my game.

    Enzo Aguiard

    National Australian Junior

  • As a developing athlete, I never realised how much of an impact my equipment can have on my performance. Working with Tennis Lab has provided me with competitive advantage over my peers who don't understand or care for the importance of their equipment.

    Cooper White

    Australian Junior Davis Cup Player

  • Using Tennis Lab has 100% made a difference to our players performance.

    Nicole Pratt,

    Australian Coaching Icon