Squad Program

Maximize Your Squad’s Potential with Our Elite Program!

Designed for competitive squads, our program includes:

  1. Equipment Fitting: Get your racquet precisely tuned with our spec-testing and matching services. Our equipment specialists are on hand to answer all your questions in a detailed Q&A session.
  2. On-Court Analysis: Train like the pros on our world-exclusive Hawk-Eye analysis court. Benefit from comprehensive shot analysis and serve speed testing to enhance your performance.
  3. Customizable Sessions: Our sessions are fully customizable to meet the specific needs and goals of your squad. If there's a particular area you want to focus on.

    Push your squad to new heights with our advanced training tools and expert guidance!

    Choose the option that best suits your needs and preferences, and let us help you elevate you tennislab@tennis.com.au


    We Come To You

    Experience Our Service at Your Convenience!

    For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of their own location, we offer:

    1. Equipment Fitting: Our specialists will visit your site to perform racquet spec-testing and matching. Enjoy a personalized Q&A session to address all your equipment-related questions.

    Come Visit Us

    Immerse Yourself in Our Comprehensive Service!

    Visit our state-of-the-art facility to take full advantage of our services, including:

    1. Equipment Fitting: Get your racquet spec-tested and matched by our specialists. Engage in a detailed Q&A session to learn more about your gear.
    2. On-Court Time: Step onto our world-exclusive Hawk-Eye analysis court. Benefit from in-depth shot analysis and serve speed testing to refine your game.

    Combined Visit (2 Sessions)

    Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!

    Maximize your experience with our combined option, featuring two sessions:

    1. Session 1 - We Come to You: Our specialists will perform equipment fitting at your location, including racquet spec-testing, matching, and a Q&A session.
    2. Session 2 - You Come to Us: Visit our facility for an immersive on-court experience. Take advantage of our Hawk-Eye analysis court, shot analysis, and serve speed testing.