Playing Consistently

Player Profile:

  • I train consistently every week.
  • I hit with friends consistently throughout the year.
  • I play in a club tournament e.g. compete once a week.
  • I'm confident enough in my shots and technique that it's time for a new racquet.
  • I think I'm playing with the wrong racquet for my ultimate performance.
  • I'm competing against people who hit the ball heavier than I and a new racquet will help me win more games. 
  • I've had the same racquet for 10+ years and it's time for a new model.

What Could My Session Look Like: 

  1. Hitting my best shot-type with a variety of racquets to find out my top four on my best shot. Then test the top four racquets against mine on more shot-types. 
  2. Hitting two different shots with four of the top recommended racquets (more data driven than feel driven) then test the top racquet against mine on more shot types.
  3. Trial a range of spec changes with my own racquet across multiple shot types.