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Dunlop SX 300 Lite

Dunlop SX 300 Lite

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A lighter way to play with spin and control. This racket has the properties of the SX 300 but with a lighter weight to allow very easy handling in all situations on the court. This combined with the 16x18 string pattern enables great spin and control. Perfectly suitable for younger players who are looking for a lighter full-size racket to achieve the next step in their development.



• Spin Boost Technology: Play shots with more spin generation. An innovative enlargement of the string bed that creates more even power distribution and spin generation.

• V-Energy Shaft: Increased touch and feel: Play with more power and bite on the ball. A unique V shape frame geometry in the shaft area of the racket, which greatly enhances frame stability and racket power.

• Sonic Core Technology: Play harder, cleaner shots, with increased comfort. This super elastic material dampens impact shock and reduces frame vibrations by up to 37%, resulting in a more comfortable hitting sensation and a reduced chance of injury.


Racquet Specifications 

Head Size 100 in 
Length 27 in 
Weight (unstrung) 270g 
Balance (unstrung) 33 
Swing Weight (unstrung) 287
Weight (strung) 286g
Balance (strung) 34
Swing Weight (strung) 310
Stringing Pattern 16/18
Stiffness (RA) 68
Section 23-26-23
Composition Graphite


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