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Racquet Spec Fitting

Racquet Spec Fitting

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Is this session for you? 

Happy with your racquet but think you could add more speed, spin or control by changing the mass, balance and/or swingweight.

This session is for you! 

What will my session look like?

  1. The session will start with your racquets specifications being tested.
  2. Then 4-6 different specifications will be tested under the cameras of our hawkeye court.
  3. Data collected from either one or two shots will be analysed to determine which racquet specifications best aligns with your performance goals.

At the end of the session you will be provided a report which will provide analysis and recommendations based on shot data. 

Your racquet will then be left with our team to be customised and ready to be picked up or shipped with 2 working days. Note, if multiple racquets need to be matched a specific timeline will be provided to you during your session.

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