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Yonex Poly Tour Fire 1.25 Reel

Yonex Poly Tour Fire 1.25 Reel

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Impressive snapback and responsiveness from SIF technology* (Silicone Infused Filament)

This Yonex string is for players with medium-to-fast swing speeds looking for added power and spin.

*SIF technology is developed in cooperation with NANODAX

  • Gauge 16L (1.25mm)
  • Made in Japan
  • Round structure

Silicone Oil Infused Filament Technology


This new Silicone oil Infused Filament (SIF) technology - monofilament infused with silicone oil - allows big hitters to experience ultimate spin from intense snapback speeds. Greater snapback produces a powerful spin.

SIF Technology with unique pentagonal structure allows the string to move faster than conventional models, increasing spin. 

Equipment used by:

  • Elena Rybakina - Kazakhstan
  • Tatjana Maria - Germany
  • Eugenie Bouchard - Canada


  • Reel length: 200 m/ 656 ft
  • Hard
  • Polyester (monofilament)
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